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“May has a strong ability to interpret and facilitate a practical conversation to help leadership and will adapt the message accordingly for employees using language, tone and style.  May’s focus on the stakeholders needs allowing each leader to lead a meaningful conversation.  May’s communication style allows her to be approachable from an employee perspective, yet her balance of psychological theory and practical gives her credibility amongst the Senior Leadership Team” 


HR Leader – Tourism Industry


Culture is based on shared assumptions, values and beliefs with organisational culture impacting everyone and influencing everything.  In short, it is the environment that we work in, the relationships that are formed and the way leaders react to critical events.  KSI People have experience to help you find nuances that make up your cultural DNA and how well you are ‘walking’ your ‘talk’?

Organisational Culture
employee engagement
We are a small business dedicated to quality people outcomes and have an agile and creative approach. Experienced with multinationals and SMEs, we understand the need for purposeful action to engage and transform your business. With both an HR and psychology background, you can expect solutions to suit both systems and people. In short, we are people focussed and values oriented in how we work

There is no such thing as one-size-fits all when it comes to building an engaged and trusting workplace.   We work with a range of different approaches and have specialised experience in how we identify your unique organisational drivers and what makes you an attractive employer of choice.

Employee Engagement and Trust

Whether it is a personal or professional journey, the process of coaching has often been described as a ‘holding up the mirror’.  Whilst we may not always like what we see, our approach embraces positive psychology so that we have the potential to grow, embrace and evolve as we transition through our career choices and changes.

Leadership Coaching