Why? Heidi approached me to help re-define her skills so that she could feel ready for the employment market.  Her main concern was that she wanted to transition away from a successful business owner in the fashion industry to an employee in a different field.


How? We met initially to discuss our roles and established an understanding of Heidi’s career objectives.  Almost immediately, Heidi was faced with a number of life changing challenges that became the focus of each session, and so we adjusted our direction beyond career.  The new prioritises we established helped identify that Heidi was seeking a more life balance approach with a strong independent family focus.  Frameworks we used during our discussions included Schein’s career anchors, Johari window, and how to manage different relationships with the focus on self-preservation.


What changed?  Whilst Heidi’s life circumstances remain work in progress, we ended sessions with a stronger sense of self and increased awareness about managing positive and negative relationships.  The sessions provided Heidi with some useful frameworks to prioritise and be more self-aware about how to manage people, priorities, and interests in her life. Heidi has been able to return to work and takes a more directive and independent role in her life.


“I absolutely adore May. She is strong, highly skilled, generous and enormously focused through her knowledge in organisational psychology and would suit those who would like to fully supported through a career transition.


I met and got to know May through social networks as I was looking to relaunch my corporate career after running my own successful fashion business for over 11 years while balancing the demand of raising a family. May worked with me in a powerful and authentic way. We worked on my resume and she supported me through interviews. She helped me to realise my true potential and overcome relationship blockages as well as identify drainers in my friendship group. Most importantly, she encouraged and helped me visualise the next chapter in my life and stay focused.


May is very professional, practical, and grounded. When working with me she is totally present and committed to my progress. I remain sincerely thankful for her insight and for her support and guidance in helping me through many decisions.”


Heidi  from Melbourne


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