“A pattern of shared basic assumptions learned by a group as if solved its problems of external adaptation and internal integration.  A product of joint learning” – Schein. 

Often described as ‘How we do things around here’ organisational culture is both complex and simple at the same time. Simple as it is what is seen and heard such as symbols, rituals and the espoused “said” rules of engagement, but also complex because of the implicit (assumptions) that make up the norms (often unspoken) and drive the “do”. For leaders, the power is in knowing why there might be behaviours or actions that contradicts the ideal “said” culture, and what actions can promote culture. As culture experts across a range of different industries, countries and national cultures, KSI People can help you understand your organisational culture. Our services include customised design and development of:

  • Focus Groups

  • Interviews

  • Workshops

  • Cultural surveys

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